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Global English language support and coaching available for writers and others by Skype and other digital means. Contact me at laurasweeneywrites@gmail.com or at Laura.gael.sweeney (Skype address) for more information on coaching and mentoring. I specialize in poetry and non-fiction. I have coached writers from all over the world. Not only do I work with writers but also with others who wish to make strategic decisions.

Laura G. Sweeney

Life coaching and writer's coach. English language teaching.

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The author of these books is also a creativity coach and writing coach. 

You may contact me at laurasweeneywrites@gmail.com

The Avant Garde Poetry Chapbook was our first publication. Poems about Ireland have been paired with drawings and art. The cover design was inspired by Cubist art. Softcover. 

laura G. Sweeney is a self-published author of poetry chapbook as well as an author who has been published by traditional publishers like springer, oxford, and cambridge. The content is both original and unique because the author combines poetry, photography and drawing to express distinct emotions. The publisher chose this name because of her fascination with avant garde art from the 20th century, especially with Dadaism and Cubism. The term, avant garde, refers to anything that is innovative, experimental and possibly ahead of its time. Examples of the avant garde include artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali' or schools of art and poetry like Dadaism and Fauvism. Many believe the greatest example of avant garde was initially the Italian Renaissance. Few would argue with such a belief. We will be updating this page in the weeks to come so be sure to come back.

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Amsterdam Visit Photo by Laura Sweeney, Summer 2013


I will be adding books to this site as soon as they are published. Some are hard back books while others are soft cover books or even thin poetry chapbooks. Since each book comes in a different format, be certain to read the descriptions on Amazon before making a purchase.

 This book is unusual because it integrates poetry and art with fiction.

(hardcover version)

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